04 March 2014


You may have noticed it's been kinda quiet around here. I have officially limited my work to BIRTH STORIES, WEDDINGS, and a few other sessions throughout the year.

At this time in my children's lives, our family time is so important. That will always be my main focus, it will always come first, it will always take precedent over me choosing to work.

I adore birth stories and weddings. These are what I am driven to, moved by, and find passion in. That is why I chose to specialize in these.

I absolutely love all my clients, and this has been a hard decision to come too. I have appreciated all the beautiful people I have met over the past 10 years and can't wait to continue meeting future clients! Please help spread the word on my specialties! Also, don't hesitate to contact me about your other inquiries, but know that my time is limited.


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