About Tyra


The Photographer:

Hi, I am Tyra (pronounced Tear-a, not Tie-ra, it's swedish,  my great grandmothers name and I love it). I am addicted to everything vintage, old fashioned cameras, thrifting, Dr. Pepper, my kids laughs, and my husbands kisses.

I'm a work-from-home momma to 4 beautiful kids. You'll most always find me in sweats when I'm at home; possibly covered in slobbery kisses from the baby, glitter or princess accessories from my daughter's latest fairytale re-enactment, and paint splatters from my older boys works of art. I'm telling you they are all artists, and they make my world go 'round!

I am not just a girl with a camera. Photography is what I breathe, feel, and see. Everything looks beautiful through my lens. I love the emotions, innocence, love, and real moments I capture. It is a tool that helps me portray what is in my soul, and what encompasses YOU, making your portraits into ART that you will treasure for years to come!

I am currently located in Southeast Idaho, although you'll find that I love to travel anywhere for photography.

 Thanks for stopping by!

You'll often find my husband, Bryce, accompanies me at sessions and most always all weddings.  He has a great eye for detail and is an artist himself. We love working together and make a great team!